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Orthopedic Surgeons, sometimes referred to as Sports Medicine Doctors, treat the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and the injuries to the complex musculoskeletal system of the body.

When you consult a VoyagerMed Orthopedic Surgeon, you can expect to have a diagnosis of your injury or disorder, a proposed treatment plan that may included medication, exercise, surgery or other treatments, rehabilitation by recommending exercises or physical therapy to restore movement, strength and function.

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  • Russell Russo
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    Dr. Russell Russo

    Dr. Russell Russo is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, PRP & Biologics, Adult and Pediatric Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement Surgery, and Non-operative techniques. He is a perfect representation of a well rounded doctor. He's played having played competitive sports, has written well regarded professional papers, and continues to provide top class treatment to his patients. Dr. Russo completed his medical studies at the Louisiana State University ...

    7030 Canal Boulevard, New Orleans, Louisiana