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Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer . Often the first sign of melanoma is a change in the size, shape, color, or feel of a mole. Most melanomas have a black or black-blue area. Melanoma may also appear as a new mole. It may be black, abnormal, or "ugly looking." Thinking of "ABCDE" can help you remember what to watch for: Surgery is the first treatment of all stages of melanoma . Other treatments include chemotherapy learn more...
  • Robinson Ortiz
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    Dr. Robinson Ortiz

    Dr. Robinson Ortiz is a board certified Medical Oncologist and Internist in Rolling Meadow, Illinois with 13 years of experience. Dr. Ortiz believes in delivering the best and the most compassionate care possible to patients with cancer-related disorders. His specialties in hematology and oncology are bone marrow transplantation, leukemia, hematologic neoplasms, lung neoplasms and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. This is a popular procedure that he performs to analyze blood cells is bone...

    3701 Algonquin Road Ste 900, Rolling Meadows, Illinois

  • Daniel Petrylak
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    Dr. Daniel Petrylak

    Dr. Daniel Petrylak is a Medical Oncologist with board certification in Greenwich, Connecticut with more than 20 years of experience, and is also the Leader of Prostate Medical Oncology at Yale Cancer Center. Dr. Petrylak' specialization in medical oncology allows him to diagnose and treat benign and malignant cancer tumors by means of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone manipulation and other therapies. His focus is specifically on prostate and bladder cancer. Dr. Petrylak's research goes towa...

    5 Perryridge Road, Greenwich, Connecticut

  • Eric Whitman
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    Dr. Eric Whitman

    Dr. Eric Whitman is a board certified surgical oncologist in New Jersey with 31 years of experience. He is an expert when it comes to treating melanoma, thyroid cancer, and soft tissue tumors amongst many other conditions. Some of the procedures that he performs include endocrine surgical procedures, parathyroid surgery and skin cancer removal. Dr. Whitman believes in providing each and every patient with the best experience by clearly explaining conditions and treatments and answering any quest...

    100 Madison Avenue Ste 3201, Morristown, New Jersey

  • Karthik Koduru
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    Dr. Karthik Koduru

    Dr. Karthik Koduku is practicing Oncologist and Hematologist in Quincy, IL working for Quincy Medical Groups. with eleven years of experience in his field, he is an expert in treating Brain, Breast and Colon Cancers, and Cancers of the Blood. Other conditions that he treats are Sarcoma, Melanoma, Endocrine and Thoracic Cancers. Dr. Koduru believes in providing his patients with the best treatments and that begins with letting the patients and their family and friends to understand everything tha...

    1005 Broadway, Quincy, Illinois