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Cancer begins in your cells, which are the building blocks of your body. Normally, your body forms new cells as you need them, replacing old cells that die. Sometimes this process goes wrong. New cells grow even when you don't need them, and old cells don't die when they should. These extra cells can form a mass called a tumor. Tumors can be benign or malignant. Benign tumors aren't cancer while malignant ones are. Cells from learn more...
  • Jonathan Cheng
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    Dr. Jonathan Cheng

    Dr. Jonathan Cheng is a radiation oncology specialist practicing in Baytown, Texas. He specializes in general radiation oncology, breast cancer, cervical cancer, gynecologic cancer, vulvar cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer. Graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles, Dr. Cheng received his medical degree from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California (USC) before going to City of Hope Medical Center for his residency training. Dr. Cheng perform...

    1626 West Baker Road, Baytown, Texas

  • Steven Curley
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    Dr. Steven Curley

    Dr. Steven Curley is a board certified surgical oncologist practicing at The Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He is an expert in treating hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal malignancies such as colorectal cancer, cancer of the liver, bladder and bile duct and neuroendocrine tumors. Procedures that Dr. Curley performs include gall bladder removal, colectomy, laparoscopic tumor ablation and other gastroenterology procedures. Beyond Dr. Curley's surgical practice, he spends his time on...

    6620 Main Street Ste 1350, Houston, Texas

  • Cassian Yee
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    Dr. Cassian Yee

    Dr. Cassian Yee is a board certified oncologist in Houston, Texas with 26 years of experience in his field. He has special expertise in Bone Marrow Transplantation, Cancer and Melanoma. He is also well known for his T cell therapy for the treatment of cancer patients. Beyond treating his patients, he spends his time researching Immunotherapy, T cells, Tumor Immunity and Lymphocyte biology. Dr. Yee received his medical degree from the University of Manitoba, and completed his Internal Medicine r...

    7455 Fannin Street Unit 904, Houston, Texas

  • Calvin Han
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    Dr. Calvin Han

    Dr. Calvin Han is a board certified and fellowship-trained radiation oncologist and Internist who has been practicing in El Paso, TX for more than 26 years. His clinical interests include brain tumors and urologic oncology, which include prostate, bladder and testicular cancers. He is also an expert at treating many types of Leukemia and breast cancer. Some of the treatments that he uses are Brachytherapy, Gamma Knife Radiosurgery and Radiation Therapy. Dr. Han attended Medical School at the Un...

    7420 Remcon Circle, El Paso, Texas