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What is VoyagerMed?

VoyagerMed is a healthcare company that makes it easier to find the right doctor in the U.S. for serious medical conditions and elective treatments and procedures. Our proprietary model helps match you with some of the top specialists in Orthopedics, Spine, Fertility, Cancer, Heart and Plastic Surgery. We then help you consult with these doctors and surgeons virtually and travel to the U.S. for care.

How does VoyagerMed work?

To find the right doctor, you start by creating a profile outlining your medical condition and diagnosis, along with uploading any supporting documents (medical reports, x-rays, MRIs, lab results). Based on your profile and preferences, your case is sent to the right specialists in our network. You will then evaluate responses from physicians who can treat you. Once you choose a physician, you will book a VoyagerMed Virtual Consult with the doctor. If after the consultation you are qualified to come to the US for treatment, our team will help you make your procedure and travel arrangements. By booking your surgical/treatment date with us, we are able to confirm your appointment with the doctor and lock in your VoyagerMed preferred pricing with that physician.

What makes VoyagerMed different than other medical tourism companies?

VoyagerMed works exclusively with top doctors in the US. We are helping patients who want quality and are willing to pay a fair fee for the services of our doctors and surgeons. We do not offer low cost travel packages to places outside the United States. Instead, we are focused on giving you the most highly skilled, best educated and most dedicated doctors in the world right here in America. In addition, we make it easy for you to to tell us what you need through our online profile system so that you can find the right doctor quickly, eliminating a long and difficult search for a qualified physician. Because you're able to have a virtual consultation with the doctor from wherever you are, you'll be able to explore treatment options with the doctor to determine whether treatment in the US is the right choice for you.

Why should I use VoyagerMed?

Whether you need heart valve replacement, liver cancer treatment or a cosmetic surgery, no condition is too big or too small for our doctors to consider. The flat rate you will pay for a virtual consult is the first step in the process and with it you will get an expert “virtual second opinion” from one of the top doctors or surgeons in the US. We'll help you with every part of your consult and medical travel plans to the US, from choosing the right doctors, location to travel, hotels, in-home nursing, local transportation, local non-emergency medical care and more.

What if I have multiple conditions that need treatment?

We understand this can be difficult! When you have multiple issues that you want to discuss with the doctor during your ½ hour virtual consult, you must disclose upfront the specifics of each issue so the doctor can prepare for the consult with you. It is entirely up to the doctor to offer a consultation on issues you did not itemize in your profile or virtual consult request. Many times our patients will come back for yet another opinion from a second virtual consult with another doctor to ensure that the course of action proposed is what they are comfortable with. This is a great idea for you. If you need additional clarification, please send questions to

How do I contact customer support?

For patient related questions, please email or use the live chat feature on our site. You can also give us a call at (212) 470-4559 Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm (EST).

Does VoyagerMed work for U.S. patients?

Yes. VoyagerMed is for anyone looking for top-quality specialty care in the U.S. By completing your profile, we will learn what type of care or treatment you are looking for and we'll be able to connect you with physicians that meet your needs. For U.S. patients with insurance, we will connect you with providers that take your insurance plan, but it is your responsibility to confirm eligibility before you receive treatment as your insurance is subject to change and providers do regularly change insurance acceptance.


What is a virtual consultation?

A virtual consultation is consultation between you and the doctor by phone or by video conference. This allows you to discuss the procedure you are seeking, to gather information regarding treatment and to ask any questions you have related to your condition. It also helps the doctor further evaluate your case. The virtual consultation allows you to connect with your chosen specialist without having to travel to the doctor's office. It's convenient, effective and a great choice for patients who need to travel for care.

How do virtual consultations work?

Virtual consultations are easy. We will give you appointment options and you will select a time that works for you. Next, we will send you the details of your virtual consultation, and instructions on how it works. Don't worry. Our support team is here in the event you have any difficulty during the process.

What does a virtual consultation cost?

You pay a one-time flat fee for your virtual consult. The fee for our Basic Package is $500 and our Premium Package is $1,000. If you choose to come to the US for treatment by the VoyagerMed doctor who conducts your virtual consult, this fee is applied to the bundled rate and reduces your procedure fee by an equal amount.

How do I choose which doctor to have a consultation with?

You will receive responses from doctors interested in your case based on your profile and preferences. From there you will be able to review, compare and evaluate the doctors. You are also free to explore doctors on our site and to request a consultation directly from any doctor of your choosing.

How long does a virtual consultation take?

A virtual consultation with a physician usually lasts ½ hour to 45 minutes, but each doctor and each consultation is different. We suggest allowing for an hour of time in case you have difficulty connecting to the doctor for the consultation.

What's included in my virtual consultation?

During your virtual consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your medical condition and healthcare goals with the doctor. The doctor will have access to any of the medical information or documents you uploaded to your profile, making it easier for both of you to discuss your case and treatment options. Once the consultation is complete, you will receive a brief consultation summary from the doctor. If you need a visa to travel to the United States for your treatment, the doctor will provide this summary for you to use along with your visa application.

Can I request an in-person consultation instead of a virtual consultation?

Absolutely. If traveling to the doctor's office is not a problem for you, we can schedule you for an in-person consultation with the doctor of your choice. Just let us know this is what you would prefer and a patient coordinator will be happy to schedule this appointment for you.


Do you have doctors outside of the U.S.?

All of the doctors in the VoyagerMed network are U.S. based physicians providing treatment within the continental United States. Though we don't have doctors outside of the United States, we do have doctors in all of the major cities in America, making it convenient for patients traveling from many different countries.

What specialties do you offer?

We have top specialists in Orthopedics, Spine, Fertility, Oncology, Cardiology and Plastic Surgery from all over the U.S. The doctors in our network treat many different complex diseases and conditions and regularly see patients from all over the world.

What does board-certified mean?

Board certification demonstrates a physician's exceptional expertise in a particular specialty and/or subspecialty of medical practice. Certification involves a rigorous process of testing and peer evaluation that is designed and administered by specialists in the specific area of medicine.

How do I contact my doctor? Is it all online?

The entire virtual consult process is completely online. If you absolutely need to get on the phone with your doctor before or after your virtual consult, let us know, and we'll organize a conference call for you to connect! We'll also help you schedule your appointments so you don't need to go through the hassle of calling the doctor’s office.


What travel services do you offer?

When you are ready to book your procedure, we can help you confirm your appointment time and help you plan, book and coordinate the logistics of your trip. We know that overseas travel, especially related to healthcare, can be a difficult process. With our team's help, traveling for treatment will be an easier process.

Can you help me get a Visa?

Depending on where you are traveling from, you may need a visa to travel to the United States for treatment. Though we cannot guarantee approval of your B-2 Visa application will be approved, we can assist you in the process by helping you obtain the letter required from the treating U.S. physician and by guiding you through best practices for getting approval. We will do whatever we can to help you.

What if my primary language is not English?

Don't worry, one of VoyagerMed's multi-lingual medical travel patient consultants is here to help every step of the way!