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Lara Devgan

"Dr. Devgan is professional, elegant and intelligent, with a warm and approachable bedside manner. I had a very positive experience with my surgery. She went the extra mile before and after the procedure. I have the best, most natural looking results I could have imagined. This is the best doctor for subtle, 'you but better,' New York style cosmetic work."

Verified Patient Review

"From the minute I met Dr. Devgan and told her how nervous I was about having surgery for a breast reduction she put my mind at ease. From the consultation to the actual procedure, I just knew I would be in good hands. And everything about the surgery and recovery happened exactly as she described it, including the recovery being easier than that of my C-section!"

Verified Patient Review

"I really liked Dr. Devgan. She explained everything clearly and was easy to reach before and after the surgery. I am a bit anxious about medical things, and she was thorough in making sure I knew what to anticipate (packing, pain medicine, a little bruising, when I could wear concealer, and things like that). I am already planning to return for an additional procedure (breast) in about 18 months."

Verified Patient Review

"Dr. Devgan was great! Throughout lead-up and during the procedure Dr. Devgan was extremely professional, well-prepared and informative. Unlike most other doctors, she did NOT make me wait endlessly - the appointment started on time - and she took her time when seeing me. Also, her experience and pedigree put me completely at ease. I would not hesitate to go back to Dr. Devgan or recommend her to a family member or friend."

Verified Patient Review
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