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Paul Schmidt

Dr. Paul Schmidt is a board certified surgeon who specializes in surgical oncology and specifically breast cancer. He practices at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, NY. Continuously engaged in research, Dr. Schmidt is wholly committed to finding the most advanced techniques that ensure effectiveness and quality of life of the patient.

Dr. Schmidt completed his medical studies at the East Tennessee State University and attended a Ph.D. program at the Medical College of Georgia. He then completed a residency at the Medical College of Georgia and attended a fellowship in surgical oncology at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Schmidt currently serves as the director of the Cancer Risk program at the Dubin Breast Center at Mount Sinai. Dr. Schmidt received the National Research Service award from the National Institute of Health. Reflected in both the hospital he practices with and his previous awards, Dr. Schmidt's expertise is well accredited and his commitment to your case is unprecedented.


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