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Darryl Blinski

Dr. Darryl Blinski is a plastic surgeon practicing in Miami, Florida. He is well known through Florida and the country for his attention to detail and his innovational spirit. He is a leader and innovator in the field of plastic surgery, using the most advanced techniques when operating on his patients. Dr. Blinski was one of the first doctors to perform the 'South Florida Tummy Tuck' and has extensive experience with over thirty-five years of practice in plastic surgery.

Dr. Blinski offers a wide variety of procedures from liposuction to breast augmentation to face lifts. He also offers non-surgical procedures including fillers, Botox, platelet-rich plasma with fat transfer, and amniotic stem cell injections. platelet plasma-rich plasma with fat transfer is used to rejuvenate and provide a more full volume face. Similarly amniotic stem cell injections rejuvenate the face by stimulating the production of collagen.

Currently, Dr. Blinski is one of only a few doctors offering both platelet-rich plasma with fat transfer and amniotic stem cell injections. He is an experienced plastic surgeon and offers treatment options that few other doctors can provide.


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