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Justin Muskovich

Dr. Justin Muskovich is a board certified urologist and practices in Coral Springs, FL. He specializes in urology and specifically the treatment of stone disease and other men's health issues. He practices minimally invasive surgeries that serve to remove stones of the bladder and kidneys. The minimally invasive surgeries he conducts are also used to remove bladder tumors and used to treat enlarged prostates.

Dr. Muskovich completed his medical studies at the University of Toledo College of Medicine and then went on to complete a residency at the University of Toledo Medical Center. While Dr. Muskovich completed his medical studies within the past ten years, he is part of a new branch of medicine that focuses on using cutting edge technology in the operating room and with the use of minimally invasive surgery your recovery times are much quicker while also ensuring a minimal disruption in vital systems of your body.



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Dr. Muskovich Specialties

  • Cancer