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Kevin Stone

Dr. Kevin R. Stone is an orthopedic surgeon and researcher dedicated to the care of people and passionate about improving surgical techniques and finding new ways to speed up the recovery process.

Dr. Stone leads The Stone Clinic in San Francisco which is on the cutting edge of orthopedic surgery and is recognized around the world for the BioKnee, Stone’s alternative to artificial knee replacement. The BioKnee combines a number of key pioneering procedures: articular cartilage stem cell paste graft, meniscus cartilage transplant and ligament reconstruction. He is also the founder and chairman of The Stone Research Foundation which conducts scientific research and provides education on new techniques for the treatment and prevention of arthritis and sports related injuries.

Dr. Stone has spent 25 years pioneering and refining minimally invasive, biologic treatments, working on his belief that the best healing process is through our own tissues. By replacing worn out tissues with new natural ones, injured joints have a better chance to perform like new.

Dr. Stone was trained at Harvard University in internal medicine and orthopedic surgery and at Stanford University in general surgery. He completed his fellowship in knee surgery and sports medicine at Tahoe Orthopedics and was a research fellow at the Hospital for Special Surgery. He is a physician for Smuin Ballet and has served as a physician for the U.S. Ski Team, the U.S. Pro Ski Tour, the Honda Ski Tour, the Jeep 48 Straight Tour, the Old Blues Rugby Club, Lawrence Pech Dance Company, Marin Ballet, the modern pentathlon at the U.S. Olympic Festival, and for the United States Olympic Training Center.



Dr. Stone and his staff exceeded my expectations. Although I wasn't a good candidate for his services, his staff made me feel as if I had been a long time patient. They were courteous and informative and took extra time to make sure I understood my situation and the proper course for my rehab.

Verified Patient Review

Dr. Stone and the staff at the Stone Clinic helped diagnose and recommend treatment for a back problem. After my surgery they helped entirely reshape my life. I'm in the best shape since High School. I continue to come back occasionally to check up on and continue my progress. Highly recommended.

Verified Patient Review

I felt very taken care of by the entire staff for my preoperative visit at The Stone Clinic yesterday. A very professional, caring and highly skilled staff who work together well as a team, so it felt like all of my needs were met. Dr. Stone projected a warm, confident, self assured presence, reviewed my Xrays and MRI results, and it seemed like he answered all of my questions/concerns to the best of his ability. I felt optimistic this morning as I went in for my knee surgery.

Verified Patient Review

There is no surgeon like Dr. Stone. He has cutting edge techniques, his office staff and himself are extremely professional and helpful, and the follow-up care by his physical therapists, especially Tricia Fong, is the best, as long as you do what they ask! My husband's ninth knee surgery, after years of pain and recoveries, is the best outcome ever. He is setting records in his recovery!

Verified Patient Review

I traveled from Norway to have a consultation with Dr. Stone. After emailing with his office and also having a phone consultation with Dr. stone, I had a very good feeling about the clinic. It was essential for me that I felt the same after seeing Dr. Stone and his team in person. I can say I was not dissapointed. All my expectations were met, and after meeting everybody at the clinic I'm convinced and very shure that Dr. stone is the right choice for talking care of my knee problems. I am looking forward to getting started, getting world class treatment, working hard, and get ready to chase my goals :)

Verified Patient Review
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