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Scott Sills

Dr. E. Scott Sills is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist that is also an IVF expert and Medical Director at the Center for Advanced Genetics in Carlsbad, California. His goal is for his patients to achieve a healthy pregnancy which he has accomplished both the US and the UK over the past 18 years. He specializes in fertility treatments for endometriosis, hypothyroidism, PCOS, low ovarian reserve and recurrent miscarriages.

Dr. Sills received his M.D. in medicine and surgery from the University of Tennessee, a fellowship in Reprodutive Endocrinology from Cornell University and even a PhD in Applied Biotechnology from the University of Westminster. Dr. Sills received his board certification from the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology. His research focuses on bioethics, health policy, reproductive biology and minimal access fertility surgery.

Dr. Sills has published several books on fertility including: 'Screening the Single Euploid Embryo: Molecular Genetics in Reproductive Medicine', which discusses how to make IVF safer and more efficient and 'Fighting At The Fertility Front'A Navigational Guide to Infertility for U.S. Military, Veterans and Their Partners'. Additionally, Dr. Sills has helped discover three previously unknown gene mutations.


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