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  • Sheeraz Qureshi
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    Dr. Sheeraz Qureshi

    Dr. Sheeraz A. Qureshi is an orthopedic surgeon practicing in New York City and Englewood, New Jersey. He specializes in spine surgery, specifically minimally invasive spine surgery and microsurgery. Dr. Qureshi treats diseases and ailments such as herniated discs, scoliosis, spine tumors, and spinal chord injuries. Dr. Qureshi also provides nonsurgical treatment options including caudal steroid injection, facet joint injection, and lumbar epidural steroid injection. An associate professor at Mo...

    5 East 98th Street 4th Floor, New York, New York

  • Andrea Quaroni
    Dr. Andrea Quaroni

    This doctor does not have a profile with us. Search doctors . If this is your profile, please contact us to update the information: or call 888-892-9572. Find doctors in the following specialties: Plastic Surgery, Dental, Orthopedics, Spine. Learn more about VoyagerMed ...

    711 W 38th St, Austin, Texas