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For patients who need to travel to the US

Once your treatment or procedure is scheduled, it's time to start planning your trip. Whether you're traveling within United States or coming from abroad, we can help you plan and book your travel.

Citizens from countries outside of the United States that want to travel to the United States may need to apply and acquire a non-immigrant visa for a short-term medical stay. Though we cannot guarantee visa eligibility, we can assist you with obtaining a letter from a treating physician, completion of your visa application, and other documentation to support your non-immigrant visa application.

We offer translation services for non-speaking patients. If you need to communicate with a doctor via virtual consultation or you need help scheduling treatment in the United States, we can provide an interpreter throughout the process.

Traveling to a new place can be confusing. Let our travel team help you choose the right hotel for you as well as help book your flight and other transportation needs. Our travel guidance will ensure you have a smooth travel experience throughout your entire journey.

“VoyagerMed helped me with everything: My flight, hotel and even transportation from my hotel to the hospital. The doctor was amazing and VoyagerMed made everything easier”.

Find and connect with the top medical specialists in the US

Find a doctor that can help you. Voyagermed's platform makes it easy to search and find a doctor in the US. Just build your profile and receive suggestions, or search and choose a doctor to have a consultation with.

  • It’s free to build your profile
  • It’s free to get options to choose from
  • It’s easy to book and connect with the right doctor